Thursday 18th February – Union Hotel Newtown, two sets with band + Wifey About to head to the airport to pick up the band who are flying in from Brisbane and Melbourne because I am independently wealthy and can afford such indulgences. We’re gonna have a quick rehearsal at Troy Horse and then head to The Union on King Street for the show. It’s gonna be a ripper. I think the Union is where I finally managed to get the attention of Sydney. I’ve only ever played there solo so I’m looking forward to showing off the band who have never rehearsed together. We’re doing two sets! And Wifey are doing one set before us! And it’s FREE! It’s all too much, too beautiful. If I were a Sydney person, I WOULD DEFINITELY ATTEND.

Friday 19th February – Band show with Mark Seymour, Taronga Zoo
Can’t believe we caused a peace riot down King St last night. It was righteous, and that’s why I’m gonna call my next album “Righteous Peace Riot”. This evening were performing at Taronga Zoo with Mark Seymour. I’m pretty excited.. I really like Mark Seymour’s songwriting. I really liked a late period H&C song called Wasted In The Sun. I wonder if he does that one. I hope the weather is nice. Maybe we can catch the Ferry.

Saturday 20th February – band show with Mark Seymour, Melbourne Zoo
A great show again last night! And another peace riot, this time with animals! It was like that scene in The Three Amigos, all the lions and tigers and otters singing along to my songs. How incredible! I feel sorry for anyone who missed out. Currently at the airport because we’re off to Melbourne this afternoon to perform at the Melbourne Zoo. Certainly has a lot to live up to. The band has been absolutely cooking. Clint has been playing in the nude and last night Seja set her Nord electric piano on fire. Although I think that was just because she hates Nords. And I’m not talking about a mythical quasi Viking race from a popular Bethesda RPG, either!

Sunday 21st February – Riverboats Festival, Echuca
Melbourne, I love you and I want to marry you. Can’t believe we smashed attendance records for a Twilight Sessions show at the Melbourne Zoo. Arun our bass player was hailed as the second coming of Jesus Christ and Seja destroyed ANOTHER Nord, although this time she just poured water on it, rather than setting it on fire. HECKERS. Anyway I’m in the car on the way to Echuca to play Riverboats with the Wilson Pickers at the uncivilised but okay I guess hour of 11.30 AM. Exciting! But I can’t wait to not leave the house for a few days.

Monday 22nd
A huge weekend. I’ve just done three loads of washing and eaten boiled eggs. I hope I never have to go on tour again.

Tuesday 23rd February
I am now level 50 on Fallout 4. My enthusiasm for the game is waning.

Wednesday 24th February
I’m making tomato chutney today.