Wellll the tour is over. It was incredibly real. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, to all the bands who played, to all the sound people and most of all to my amazing band – Marieke Altena, Ben Lawless, Clint Hyndman and Adrian Stoyles, who were aided an abetted by a number of legends on cellos and violins (or is that celli and violi.. sounds like fungus) – Briony Luttrell, Rhiannon Fenn, Bridget Lewis, John Bedggood, Hannah Morrell and Magnus Turner – and one totally amazing walking support network, synth player and The Nicest Person You Will Ever Meet, Seja Vogel. I have to also thank all the people who housed us and bought us drinks. To Corrina and all the staff at Black Bear Lodge and Juniper at The Grand Poobah and just everyone everywhere all the time. I’m a bit emotional.

Now my attention turns back to the regularly scheduled inanity & ennui. And booking festivals and stuff and applying for grants. And thinking about the next album. Stay tuned.