Hello There,

Well after all the planning and rehearsal and angst my tour to promote my new album starts tomorrow in Ballarat. The band are sounding really great. It consists of Adrian Stoyles (The Gin Club, The Spoils, Something For Kate) on bass and nonchalance, new found friend and all round enigmatic ingenue Marieke Altena (The Montpelier Community Association Jazz Ensemble) on keys and drummer cum bartender par exellence Clint Hyndman (Something For Kate) on drums. We’ll be joined for the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne shows by the original Baby Mang himself, Ben Lawless of Hobart town, who’ll be tearing up and down the fretboard like a mang possessed. By babies. There’ll also be string sections in Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart. And some special guests in all cities. Basically it’s gonna be hectic up there. I do hope you can join us.