Hey Y’all,

I have a busy end of the week coming up.

Thursday night is the debut show of a new band that I’m in called HOWNOWMER. We’re going to be joined by the amazing Heartbrokers (Jeff Lang, Van & Cal Walker) and The Dead Heir. It’s at the Tote Hotel.

Then Friday during the day I am doing an in-store at the fabulous Basement Discs at 12.45pm. The address is 24 Block Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000 .. phone them on (03) 9654 1110 for more details.

Then I jump on a plane and fly to Brisbane where I am doing a show with Giants of Science at The Crowbar. We’re helping Heads of Charm launch their new EP. Also along for the ride will be the delightfully named Barge With An Antenna On It and the always reliable Tape/Off.

Then we’re doing some Giants of Science recording on Saturday!