Hey Everyone!

How’s it going? It’s a rainy day in the Southern Beaches which is good, we need the ground to be sodden with the approach of summer so we don’t all burn to a crisp. When am I supposed to plant tomatoes?

Anyway I came here to say that I have set up a pre-sale thingy for my new album which is to say I am hoping enough people will commit to buying it that I can pay for the vinyl manufacture up front. The album itself will comprise of a bunch of songs I have written and recorded over the past eighteen months, as well as some I have left over from a few other albums. Patrons of the Patreon will be familiar with them and also receive a hefty $10 discount but only until the end of September (I’ve extended that little caper). So what are you waiting for, head over to the releases page and sign your life away. Or go to the Patreon first and join to get the secret password and then sign your life away. The decision is yours and yours alone. But you must choose.

Got a bunch of shows coming up around the place, Tasmania, NSW.. the usual. Just have to buy some flights, eeek! Booo. Eeek a boo. Anyway I’ll get em all added to the gig list. Better do that now. Don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list.