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AUSTRALIA: $40 (including shipping)

INTERNATIONAL: $50 (including shipping)

nb some exotic international locales might cost a bit more, I will get in touch if there is any problem.

Hey here’s where you can climb aboard the new album train! Tentative release date November 2019, but it will definitely get there before Christmas.

This will be a collection of stuff I’ve been tinkering away at over the past 18 months that has mostly ended up on my Patreon site, along with some unreleased tracks and stuff that hasn’t appeared anywhere else. Hopefully I can get an idea of how many people want one here and that will determine how many I get pressed. Also your pre-sale will help pay for it! And just to allay any fears you have, it will get pressed regardless!  Or if it doesn’t you get your money back! But that won’t happen.

This message constitutes a binding legal agreement, friend!

**Name of album and artwork for album are subject to change but the current name and artwork are pretty spectacular I think.**

I’m gonna leave it at that cause I have a tendency to over complicate these things.

Subscribers to the Patreon for the recommended amount ($4USD per month) before the end of August 2019 get a pretty great discount of $10 or roughly 25%! Current subscribers, enter your coupon code at the checkout.

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Note: actual album cover may differ.

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Album Four Pre Sale – CD

The new album ON CD including shipping. Choose your zone below!

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The Cat – CD

Ben’s debut album, released 05/08/2013.
Cat# BPS001

Available again on CD

Buy digital on Bandcamp here or iTunes here

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  1. The Cat
  2. The Coward
  3. Opportunities
  4. The Mailbox Song
  5. German Tourist
  6. West End Girls
  7. Know Your Strength
  8. I Am Not Ashamed
  9. Things Fall Apart
  10. So Tired Tonight
  11. Once In A Lifetime
  12. Last Night I Dreamt I Was Chasing You

Price: $20.00

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