Have been on tour with HITS in France for three days stop morale high but fat Maori is starting to crack stop last night he appeared in his briefs and a leather jacket singing queen songs stop Brest last night gig was amazing I am slowly worming my way into playing more and more tambourine faster tambourine kill kill stab kill stop had epic journey across china in and out of customs herded for death through multiple security checks and if you miss dinner it’s bread n water for you champ and no complaining stop I am just exploding with love and booze and fromage apparently Andy b says he is suffering for his art but he looks okay to me stop send reinforcements stop “lawyers drugs and money” – Andy b stop we have gone on holiday by mistake stop love booze et cheese stop our friend Franc is trying to translate the title of a strutter album to French children stop I am attempting to upload photos fail fail fail don’t let the Maori off the least repeat don’t let the Maori off the leash stop okay okay okay have recorded a few songs there is a battle raging in my forehead between the powers of parrots eat them all and cod dine and the forces of five hundred kronenburg sic sic sic heading the the famous Le Gallion this evening stop where I will be performing stop first fanch klakenn is a hero to the people of New Zealand and Australia and indeed Bretagne stop Maori missed out on chicken wings last night ha ha ha auvoir for now mon Ami