So I’m in Perth where he weather was glorious for ANZAC Day. I marched wearing my grandfather’s medals alongside my father who also happened to be in Perth. On the weekend I played in Fremantle and Perth.. Saturday night’s gig at local record store Fat Shan’s for International Record Store Day was fantastic, all the better because I ran into Dick Nasty drummer Cuffie and his gf and they took me to a sweet bar and there was dancing and we solved all of the world’s problems.

I’m off to Hobart tomorrow where I expect the weather will be rather more brisk.. Let me have a look here.. Ah yes, a low of 7, mostly cloudy tomorrow. Excellent! I have a bunch of good friends in Hobart, it is always a pleasure to visit. I’m playing at the marvellous Alley Cat on Friday night.

Then there are two shows in Melbourne.. At the Gasometer in Collingwood on Saturday, and at Pure Pop records in St. Kilda on Sunday. Then I have a day to frantically finish organizing anything I still have left to organize. Then I’m off. Straight into the ever loving arms of HITS. To say I am excited about this turn of events would be a massive understatement.

Stay tuned.