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August Tour!

Hello All,

how are you? I hope everyone is keeping safe calm and healthy among the current quickening. It’s such a turbulent time, it is hard to know what the right approach is. Hang in there!

I am going to attempt to go on tour in August. Previous experience tells us this is a fraught proposition but I’m gonna attempt it anyway. All the tickets and information are on this page somewhere and I’m in the process of sorting out supports and what not. Fingers crossed it all comes together, it would be nice to see you all again.

I’ve just finished up my residency/installation at Mona a few weeks ago and it was incredibly productive. I’ve been releasing some of the results on my Bandcamp Page – please go and have a listen. All the proceeds from the Import/Export series are being directed to the Indigenous Literacy Fund.

Anyway I hope I will see you at the shows in August and all the best to you and yours.

Take care


I’m An Installation Now

Hello friends!

So, as of Boxing Day 2020 (remember 2020?) I am semi-permanently installed in the Museum of Old & New Art in Hobart, Tasmania with my own little studio, making music, performing, collaborating, drinking cups of tea, collaborating, watching cricket and generally being dumbstruck. We’ve entitled the project BEN SALTER IMPORT EXPORT which is a sorta dumb Neuromancer riff.

I would like to thank David & Kirsha, and all the amazing staff at Mona, for their patronage, generosity and hospitality. I have already recorded about 15 new compositions (works in progress) as well as many hours of live performance and improvisation. It’s an absolute dream. If you’re in Hobart, please come and visit. Just don’t expect me to be too chatty, I’m on the clock/in the zone. Mostly. Here are some photographs:

Okay stay tuned for more updates. And please join the mailing list!




An Update: The Newsletter: Verbatim.

Between Drinks

Hello my friends, how are you? Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your lack of patience. Where did all the time go? A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu .. never read it of course. Maybe I should. How many volumes? Leave it out gov. I don’t have any patience left for anything even while I have so much time to swim about in, these are the binary oppositions or little ironies that let us know we are alive and things are vibrating.

De Toute Façon

Anyway I have a few things to tell you about in a practical way, things that relate directly to my purported job of you know writing songs and performing them so I should just get right down to business so you can amend your calendars accordingly or whatever the hell it is you all do out there.

The Up And Comings

Tomorrow morning I will be appearing on the Instagram programme “Breakfast Songs” with Randy Feltface. His Instagram handle is @randyfeltface .. I guess maybe you could try clicking this link if you are on your phone  I am very excited about this. I think I’m on around 8.30, we’ll be discussing tea and breakfast and then I will be playing a song. It’s at 8.30am. Tune in! Here is a photo of Randy:

And here’s a screenshot of all his guests this week:
Nice to see old mates Bruggaz and Charm of Finches and Flanno on the line up also! I’m not sure who Siberian Tiger are but the name is great and I am sure they’re lovely.

The Reg Are My Destinwednesday

Then on Wednesday night I am returning to “Wednesdays on The Reg” again. This week I’ll be performing all of my second album “The Stars My Destination” plus some other stuff. It’s on YouTube. 8pm. If you’re a Patron you get in for free. Otherwise you can buy a ticket ($9.99!) at the Facebook event. I’ll send the link out on Wednesday evening. If all that seems too complicated you could also just deposit $10 in my bank account. bsb 923100 acc 6227 4492 and make sure you make some sort of note or message me to let me know.

Actual Shows

Then I have some actual shows booked about the place. In both Tasmania AND South Australia! Fingers crossed! Fancy that! Check em out:
The Republic


The Three Brothers Arms
Macclesfield, South Australia

The Wheatsheaf
Adelaide, South Australia
TWO sessions:

The Royal Oak
Launceston, Tasmania

Mountain Mojo
Gowrie Park Wilderness Village
1447 Claude Rd, Gowrie Park TAS 7306
Three course dinner & show, Phone Dom 0400 467 317 for reservations

Lots of love to all of you and please join me for the show on Wednesday night.



Wednesdays On The Reg #3 Tonight!


General Info:

I’m doing a little streaming concert every Wednesday night at 8pm for the forseeable future. It’s free for my Patrons or $10 AUD for non patrons. I’ll be playing requests, some “deep cuts” from my records and generally experimenting and having a fine time. It’ll be on YouTube.

You can join my Patreon for $4 USD a month (or more or less) and get access not only to the show but all the other amazing stuff that’s up there including videos, unreleased tunes, live stuff, rare stuff.
It makes financial sense. You do the maths.

Or just paypal $10 *FAMILY & FRIENDS* to by 7.30pm on Wednesday night and make sure you mention your email address and the gig/date in the notes
Or else direct deposit to
Ben Salter
BSB 923100
ACC 62274492

I will send you the YouTube link once I’ve received payment.

Specific Info:

This week I’ll be performing all of my fourth album “The Mythic Plane” for you using only a toaster oven and a thermos flask.

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