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“Isolationism” Out Today!

Here’s the clip to my new single, “Isolationism”. Tour dates announced later today. Clip is by Pete Ewing. Conor Macdonald from The Gin Club pretty much wrote the chord progression and the title and I did the rest. Hope you like it. more

“Back Yourself” – Aotearoa September 2017 – Dates!

Ahoy hoy! It’s all systems go here at Slater HQ with the upcoming release of the album, tour, why am I doing this? Who cares? Actually the album is pretty good I think. Ask me tomorrow. I’m off to NZ for a dry run first. Have a look at the spin on this: Ben Salter […] more

JAPAN! Hownowmer are coming. I am coming. Hownowmer are playing some shows. I am doing some solo shows. Check out the posters: Are you Japanese? Do you live in Japan? Do you know anyone who is Japanese? Answers on the back of an envelope, sent to the usual address. ONE THOUSAND SHOWS/LEAVES/HURTS I also have […] more

The Reign In Speign

GREETINGS. Watching the cricket, at the pub. The Victoria Hotel, Brunswick, to be exact. I play approximately one game of cricket a year for their cricket team, and I fancy myself a bit of a goer. Australia could be in trouble here, India have settled in and we’ve only taken one wicket. They’ll bat all […] more

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