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August Tour!

Hello All, how are you? I hope everyone is keeping safe calm and healthy among the current quickening. It’s such a turbulent time, it is hard to know what the right approach is. Hang in there! I am going to attempt to go on tour in August. Previous experience tells us this is a fraught […] more

I’m An Installation Now

Hello friends! So, as of Boxing Day 2020 (remember 2020?) I am semi-permanently installed in the Museum of Old & New Art in Hobart, Tasmania with my own little studio, making music, performing, collaborating, drinking cups of tea, collaborating, watching cricket and generally being dumbstruck. We’ve entitled the project BEN SALTER IMPORT EXPORT which is […] more

An Update: The Newsletter: Verbatim.

Between Drinks Hello my friends, how are you? Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your lack of patience. Where did all the time go? A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu .. never read it of course. Maybe I should. How many volumes? Leave it out gov. I don’t have any patience left for anything even while […] more

Wednesdays On The Reg #3 Tonight!

  General Info: I’m doing a little streaming concert every Wednesday night at 8pm for the forseeable future. It’s free for my Patrons or $10 AUD for non patrons. I’ll be playing requests, some “deep cuts” from my records and generally experimenting and having a fine time. It’ll be on YouTube. You can join my […] more

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