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Buy “The Mythic Plane” now!

Hello all! In an effort to further sabotage my little music business I’m only selling “The Mythic Plane” through the website here, at shows or via Bandcamp (once it’s released). You should head to (or click above) if you’d like to pre order the album ahead of its official release in a month or […] more

Pre Purchase my new album, “The Mythic Plane”

Hey Everyone! How’s it going? It’s a rainy day in the Southern Beaches which is good, we need the ground to be sodden with the approach of summer so we don’t all burn to a crisp. When am I supposed to plant tomatoes? Anyway I came here to say that I have set up a […] more

It Became A Thing more


It’s good to be home. Back on the ranch. And it’s getting cold down here in Tasmania, and I love it, or I claim to until the first trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night without a dressing gown. Then I start to think about dear old Brisbane and her perfect winters. […] more

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