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Friday night. Station Bar & Lounge. I’ll be relaxed. more


SHOWS, yeah I got em, in South Eastern Queensland. In two weeks time I am performing at The Bison Bar in Nambour, solo and intimate. That means that I get undressed while I play. I am trying not to do too many solo shows at the moment, but for the Sunshine Coast I make special […] more

The Week Ahead

Thursday 18th February – Union Hotel Newtown, two sets with band + Wifey About to head to the airport to pick up the band who are flying in from Brisbane and Melbourne because I am independently wealthy and can afford such indulgences. We’re gonna have a quick rehearsal at Troy Horse and then head to […] more

Yeah alright Tasmania January 2016/Mark Seymour/Built To Spill

Moore’s Law in full effect, things have changed out of sight since my last post. Everything is different. I’m just not feeling it as far as writing long newsletters lately. Could be the heat, could be that I’m too busy doing things, could be the PS4. Anyway I have a little tour of Tasmania with […] more

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