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2017 Woah, 2017. A year until now reserved for use in the title of speculative fiction novels and use-by dates but here we are. I think my credit card is going to expire. Doesn’t it feel a bit like when cartoons wander outside their squares, or when the Simpsons went 3D? There are no maps […] more

The Perfect Tea & Toast

    Look I have had so many emails, I’ve been inundated (which is the go to verb for receiving a lot of correspondence) –  dear readers, I’ve been inundated with letters that go something like this: “Dear Salty, your mastery of the breakfast ritual, as described in your breakout hit “No Security Blues”, is […] more

NZ Tour with Dan Kelly EEEEEK

*Ahem* “Ben Salter – mystical, forthright, deep and charming; a modern folk hero – teams up with Dan Kelly, purveyor of emotional psychedelic dystopian comedy and social satire, for a double headline tour of New Zealand this July. For the ages. Ben will play songs from last year’s magnificent, critically adulated and psychically attenuated ‘The […] more

Bella Union All Ages THIS SUNDAY + Hustle For Muscle NEXT SATURDAY

Cor Blimey, How are youse. A couple of shows coming up the next couple of weekends in Melbourne town that are both sort of special so I’d urge you to attend. Firstly, this Sunday the 29th of May I am headlining a show at Bella Union in Carlton. It’s a lovely room located in the […] more

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