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Yeah alright Tasmania January 2016/Mark Seymour/Built To Spill

Moore’s Law in full effect, things have changed out of sight since my last post. Everything is different. I’m just not feeling it as far as writing long newsletters lately. Could be the heat, could be that I’m too busy doing things, could be the PS4. Anyway I have a little tour of Tasmania with […] more


Hey Y’all, I have a busy end of the week coming up. Thursday night is the debut show of a new band that I’m in called HOWNOWMER. We’re going to be joined by the amazing Heartbrokers (Jeff Lang, Van & Cal Walker) and The Dead Heir. It’s at the Tote Hotel. Then Friday during the […] more


Wellll the tour is over. It was incredibly real. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, to all the bands who played, to all the sound people and most of all to my amazing band – Marieke Altena, Ben Lawless, Clint Hyndman and Adrian Stoyles, who were aided an abetted by a number of […] more

The Tour Starts Tomorrow

Hello There, Well after all the planning and rehearsal and angst my tour to promote my new album starts tomorrow in Ballarat. The band are sounding really great. It consists of Adrian Stoyles (The Gin Club, The Spoils, Something For Kate) on bass and nonchalance, new found friend and all round enigmatic ingenue Marieke Altena […] more

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