So the lovely kids at Press Record took some videos of me performing on the footpath in Bowen Hills. The results are pretty nifty I reckon. First up here’s me doing my song “Opportunities”..


then here’s me doing a cover of The Triffids’ amazing “Suntrapper” from their album In The Pines:


Dammit I can’t seem to embed properly – story of my life.

Anyway lots of other news my TOUR OFFICIALLY STARTS TONIGHT! I am at the Bird, on William Street in Northbridge, Perth. I’m being supported by the amazing Felicity Groom and a couple of other local bands. Please come on down!

I have also just sent out the latest issue of my newsletter.. I will post it in its entirety on a new page I am entitling “Newsletters”

Thanks all.. the struggle to embed has left me without any energy to continue this post.