Hello friends!

So, as of Boxing Day 2020 (remember 2020?) I am semi-permanently installed in the Museum of Old & New Art in Hobart, Tasmania with my own little studio, making music, performing, collaborating, drinking cups of tea, collaborating, watching cricket and generally being dumbstruck. We’ve entitled the project BEN SALTER IMPORT EXPORT which is a sorta dumb Neuromancer riff.

I would like to thank David & Kirsha, and all the amazing staff at Mona, for their patronage, generosity and hospitality. I have already recorded about 15 new compositions (works in progress) as well as many hours of live performance and improvisation. It’s an absolute dream. If you’re in Hobart, please come and visit. Just don’t expect me to be too chatty, I’m on the clock/in the zone. Mostly. Here are some photographs:

Okay stay tuned for more updates. And please join the mailing list!