Hello all,

Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be appearing on Icelandic radio today at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, playing a song and having a chat.

For those in UK or Western Europe I think it will be at 9am. It’s 10am here.. It’s all so confusing.

Tune in and be amazed by technology at http://www.ruv.is/ras2

I’m then doing the following shows while I’m here:

Wed 27th June – Bar 11, Reykjavik w/ Heima
Thu 28 June – Cafe Rosenberg, Reykjavik w/1860
Fri 29 June – Kæntrybar, Skagastrond.

More photos and stuff soon.

Reykjavik is amazing.


Here’s a picture that my friend Verity drew of me playing at The Good Ship in Kilburn.