Hello all,

welcome to the year 2012. Megacorporations rule the planet and gangs of cybernetically enhanced super criminals terrorize the populace. Australia dominates India in the second day of the Sydney Test Match. And I play about a million shows over January and February – have a look there on the right.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supported me over 2011.  It was a very big year.. I released my debut solo album “The Cat” and moved down to Melbourne. I am really looking forward to all the opportunities that 2012 will bring. I feel very priveliged to have such great friends and fans and to get to do this music stuff as much as I do.

Anyway enough of that. I’m already working on some new songs which I’m gonna try out over the coming months and hopefully I’ll be heading off to Europe in May to try my hand over there. All in all 2012 is looking very exciting.

Ahem. Okay, as you were. Thanks!