Hey Y’all,

been sort of flat out. Not flat out like paramedic flat out but yes, it feels like I haven’t stopped since I got back from Europe last year but of course I have stopped. There was Xmas, nothing much happened then, it was just really hot and I wandered around. Been living between Brisbane and Melbourne, mainly Melbourne but with some Brisbane. Gin Club have been doing lots of shows. I’ve been tired. I’ve been tired.

I am in Adelaide presently. Tomorrow night (Tuesday the 25th February) I will be performing at the EXETER HOTEL on Rundle Street in Adelaide from 8 – 10pm – two sets.

Then I’m off to Perth to play a couple of shows – The Indi Bar in Scarborough on Thursday the 27th and Bar 4FIVE9 (?) at the Rosemount Hotel on Friday night alongside Medicine Hat and Fall Electric. Entry is $12 plus pre sale or $15 on the door – it’d be great to see you there.

After that I head to the Nannup Festival to play a few sets – check their website for details.

Then I start my residency at the Post Office Hotel on Wednesday the 5th… anyway I’ll put all the gigs in the gig guide so you can see. I gotta keep on hustling, gotta pay them bills.