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JAPAN! Hownowmer are coming. I am coming. Hownowmer are playing some shows. I am doing some solo shows. Check out the posters: Are you Japanese? Do you live in Japan? Do you know anyone who is Japanese? Answers on the back of an envelope, sent to the usual address. ONE THOUSAND SHOWS/LEAVES/HURTS I also have […] more

The Reign In Speign

GREETINGS. Watching the cricket, at the pub. The Victoria Hotel, Brunswick, to be exact. I play approximately one game of cricket a year for their cricket team, and I fancy myself a bit of a goer. Australia could be in trouble here, India have settled in and we’ve only taken one wicket. They’ll bat all […] more

2017 Woah, 2017. A year until now reserved for use in the title of speculative fiction novels and use-by dates but here we are. I think my credit card is going to expire. Doesn’t it feel a bit like when cartoons wander outside their squares, or when the Simpsons went 3D? There are no maps […] more

The Perfect Tea & Toast

    Look I have had so many emails, I’ve been inundated (which is the go to verb for receiving a lot of correspondence) –  dear readers, I’ve been inundated with letters that go something like this: “Dear Salty, your mastery of the breakfast ritual, as described in your breakout hit “No Security Blues”, is […] more

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